We are a very friendly club and always welcome new members. We shoot most disciplines of archery, from Longbow, Recurve, and Compound bows.

Shooting all distances up to 100Yds. Our outdoor range is on the sports field at Wootton Courtenay.

We also have a indoor range for the winter  it is on an indoor range at Butlins in Minehead.

We run a number of beginners courses throughout the year, to find more information on this or any other subject please go to the enquires page.

 West Somerset Company of Archers

               Wootton Courtenay

                        Sports field

                      Brock well lane

                        TA24 8RN

  Please note we now run taster sessions. 

This gives potential new members a chance to see what we provide; try archery, and check out our facilities,

and to see if our club is what they are looking for, as with beginners courses all equipment and coaching is provided, the cost of a taster session is £5.

After the taster session you can if you wish book a beginners course.

Archery is a sport enjoyed by people of all ages; you do not need any previous experience to take part in a beginner's course.

                                               All the equipment you need is provided; the cost of the course is £30 for seniors and £10 for juniors.

                                                                                       Please note we do not coach juniors under 9.

                                  Parents and guardians of juniors under the age of 16 must remain in attendance, this is an Archery GB requirement.

                                    Each course consists of six two-hour sessions. After completing the course; you may join the club if you wish.


Please see the price list below for yearly membership.

             This price includes Membership to our club. Membership to Archery GB the governing body for archery in the UK, this also covers insurance.

                                                 Seniors £84.00       Senior's 18 to 24  £43.00       Disabled Archers  £24.50      Juniors £29.50  

         Committee members  

             Chair  Jim Clulee  

               Simon Booth 

               Geoff Gilbert   

                Peter Bright   

           Michael  Saunders

            Patrick  Scribbans


                                            Cost of Shooting for the year

                                         GNAS        GWAS      SCAA        CLUB        TOTAL  

Senior 25 and above    £47.00       £6.00       £6.00       £25.00       £84.00

Senior 18 to 24.             £12.00        £3.00      £3.00       £25.00       £43.00

Junior Archer.                £12.00      £2.00       £3.00      £12.50       £29.50

Disabled Archer.           £12.00       £0.00      £0.00       £12.50       £24.50

Accounts Auditor                        John Paterson

Child Protection                         Tracy Morgan

Coaching Co-ordinator             Geoff Gilbert

Coach                                            Peter Bright

Chair Person                               Jim Clulee

Equipment  Officer                   Peter Bright

Event  Organiser                      Patrick Scribbans

Facebook Manager                  Toya Humphries

First Aid Officer                        David Croucher

Public Relations                        Jim Clulee

Range Captain                           Peter Bright

Range Lieutenants                   Michael Saunders  Records Officer                         Geoff Gilbert

Secretary                                    Simon Booth

Treasurer                                   Peter Bright

Web Site  Management           Geoff Golbert


                 This club was formed in 1955 the very first arrow was shot by Bert Oram the reigning English Champion.

The first committee included Mr. G F Luttrell  Mr. K C Weedy  Major G Richards  Mr. L J Chapman and Mr. M Abrahams.